Friday, May 31, 2013


Okay I've been the worst blogger ever! A lot has been going on with us lately, and that means a lot of good. We have been so blessed the past few months that we've been so spoiled. Things never happen when you want them to, but when they are supposed to. This has been a hard lesson for us to learn but we are learning to go with the flow. Anyways, here is some of our recent happenings.

In March we took Livi and Clara sledding with us with our ward. They had a blast, especially Livi. Uncle Reed would take her down on a sled and she would lay on his back and hold on for dear life and they cruised down the mountain. I would be scared if I were her but she loved it. She later told her mom that her and uncle Reed were going so fast that they were almost on fire.

Reed saw a picture online as I was looking at pinterest and said "Why don't you do your hair like that, that looks so easy I could even do it." So I said prove it and lets just say it did not turn out like the picture at all. But he gave a good try. :)

A month ago Reed started a new job which he absolutely loves! It is pretty much his dream job and he couldn't be happier, which makes me happy for him. He loves what he does and who he works with. Its been a long time coming but he is finally where he wants to be. 

Then in April I found out I was accepted into the Dental Hygiene program for the fall! Woo hoo! Its going to be a tough two years but it'll be worth it!

The beginning of May we had a yard sale and sold lots of stuff and most of our furniture because....

On May 10 we signed on our first house and moved in a couple days later!
The house didn't NEED any work done just only things we wanted to do. We started working right away and I'll post pictures soon of our progress.


  1. That's so awesome! I'm so happy for you! I can't wait to come down and see your new house. Congrats on everything else. Love you guys!

  2. congrats!!! too bad we dont live there anymore!! i love taht you still blog!