Tuesday, April 8, 2014


Our garage was needing some organization. Reed gets off work at 10 on Fridays so we decided to tackle it this weekend.
We were building some shelves in a little room in our garage. I'm so disappointed I didn't get some before pictures of the old, gross, falling apart shelves in this room. We were just too anxious to do some demolition. Reed even touched up the paint in this room since the shelves kind of ripped up the walls.
 First thing first we made some hangers for our bikes.
Then started on our shelves. Reed built these before in our last apartment and at his mom's house so he is a pro by now.
 Almost done.
Saturday we organized the garage and put everything in its place. Makes us realize how much junk we have when its all organized like this. We got rid of stuff we don't need or use but we still have a lot left. It doesn't help when we have a bunch of stuff for our corn roasting and equipment for almost every sport outdoors.

 Our next project will to add some good shelves in this room for some food storage and other items.
 It feels good to be organized.

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  1. It looks great! I love how much you guys do on your own. When we have a place of our own we'll have to hire you two to come help us make it look great!