Sunday, April 6, 2014

Pallet Wall/ Office

Last weekend I was looking at pinterest as Reed and I were sitting on the couch. Reed looks over on my iPad and sees a pallet wall. He looks at me and says "lets do this". I said "okay!" Then we literally got up and started hunting for some pallets. This is the tutorial we followed.

We decided to do it in the bedroom that we are making the office. This is what it looked like last weekend. 
We found some pallets and got to work.
We took the boards off the frame and this definitely took the longest. The more we took off the faster we figured out how to do it. We realized we were doing it the hardest possible way and figured out easier ways to do it.
 My job was to sand them all down and organize them into piles of similar widths.
 Reed screwed plywood into the studs of the wall.  Then it was super easy to use his nailer to nail the boards into the plywood.
The more we put up the more excited we got.
 Reed made me this shelf out of pallets to hang my bag and whatever else I need for school.
 Then he put together some shelves to put my books on.
 Reed's mom gave us these boxes she had from Reed's little sister's wedding reception.
 And this is how the room looks so far.
We absolutely love it! I still have some ideas of some artwork I want to make for the other walls and I have some touch up painting to do but it has been so much fun for Reed and I working on this together.
He even made me this H for our living room. We just aren't quite sure where to hang it yet but it is super cool!


  1. Kaitlin, I love this so much! Joe got some pallets from a pile of wood he saw on the side of the road on the way home from work... I think I want to make a headboard out of them. You guys are so creative! You and I should get together and do some projects!

  2. Love it. One day I might steal the idea.