Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Highland Mary's

{Thursday July 5} 
Reed and I decided to take weekend off to go have some fun in the mountains while some family was in town. We decided to go to Highland Mary's past Silverton, CO. Silverton is such a cool town I always like visiting.
We finally got to the trail Thursday afternoon right before it started raining.

We had to stop along the way to put all our rain gear on.

 We finally reached the top after 2 steep miles later. The top is over 12,000 ft in elevation. It was still pouring and gloomy.

 The fog was thick!

We pretty much stayed in our tents when we got there till morning because it didn't stop raining and rained all night as well.

{Friday July 6}
We woke up to the sun but you could see dark clouds coming and we didn't like that especially since we were above tree line and had no other shelter.

We decided to pack up camp for a different place before Reed's two brothers came up that was lower in elevation. We definitely want to go back though when its not during the rainy season because it doesn't make it much fun when you are stuck in your tent the whole time.

When we were all scrambling to get in our tents when it started pouring Reed handed me his shoes on my side of the tent and told me to put his boots under the rain fly, well they didn't make it under all the way when I thought they did. By morning his boots were soaking wet so this is Reed's invention to get his boots dry. His nick name is "Mr. Good Idea" after all.

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