Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Potato Lake

{Friday July 6}
Our new destination is a place called Potato Lake between Silverton and Durango. Reed's two brothers and nephew joined the crew. It was a short but pretty hike.

The main thing Reed wanted to do this weekend was to catch some delicious fish. At Highland Mary's he left his bait (worms and marshmellows) outside the tent and some animal came and stole them. Reed got some more bait for Potato Lake to catch some serious fish.
He fished all day and I was seriously bored, fishing is not my favorite sport. I took a nap. Took a walk around the lake. Went on a little hike. Took a swim in the lake and Reed still hadn't caught anything. I went over to the boys fishing to see what the problem was. I convinced Reed to let me try. It only took two casts and I had a fish! haha Reed wasn't too happy about that one. He continued to try all night and still didn't get anything where just about everybody else did.

So Reed cooked up my fish instead :)
Reed got up bright and early the next morning and caught 4 fish. Or so he says nobody actually saw them :)
We left Potato Lake for one more adventure for the weekend... Cascade falls. A place where you go waterfall jumping in the most freezing cold water! But it was awesome and so worth it.
 More to come on that later... But it was an awesome fun filled weekend!

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