Monday, March 2, 2009

Crazy Day

Today was an insanely crazy day. We woke up at 4:30 to be on the today show and have been going all day ever since. This is quite the experience and we still can't quite believe what is happening. We've had some people recognize us so far which is really WEIRD since we're just two nerds from Farmington New Mexico.

We ate at Center Cut Steak House. It was delicious! Although we were a little under dressed since it was such a nice place. We showed up in jeans and a t-shirt but all was well cause it was paid for by Inside Edition. We did a interview with them this afternoon after the today show and they were really great and treated us so nice. The show should air on Friday.

After dinner we FINALLY had some time to ourselves to shop and walk around New York. The Manhattan Temple is right outside of our hotel so that was our first stop. It was connected to a church and it was nice to walk in and warm up from the freezing weather.

We appreciate the comments from everyone and compliments. Today our blog has received over 3,800 views. WOW!

Update: This is Kaitin's sister Amanda, and this blog ended up receiving 4298 hits yesterday from 49 different countries. Hello World! Hurry home Kaitlin......Megan and I miss you!


  1. Good luck traveling tomorrow sis! The kids miss you tons!

  2. Congrats on your engagment! Your story is way too cute and funny!!
    Good Luck on your new life togather!!

    Best wishes from Cassie in Wisconsin.

  3. Your kids are going to love hearing this story someday. Too funny! Best Wishes as you start your new life together!

  4. How fun! When we went to NYC we got lost in a little corner of central park (that took us hours to find our way out of) and so we never did get to see the Manhattan temple! It looks like you guys fared better then we did in the big city!

  5. I loved your hair on the Today show Kaitlin, it was so cute!! I hope you guys are having fun and enjoying every moment, what amazing memories you'll have. People keep coming up to me to talk to me about Reed being on TV. They showed your x-ray and clips of the Wendy's video on our local news and the O'Riley Factor too! You should be getting paid by Wendy's for all this publicity!!!

  6. Hey KK. I am finally getting to look at your blog because my computer has been down. But Thanks to Megan, I am pretty up to date! Anway. You looked beautiful on the Today Show! You are so blessed to be having such a whirlwind, fun, adventurous engagment! I am so happy for you both. And I must say...You are famous!! Be careful with all your traveling sweetie! ans take tons of pictures!!!

  7. KK
    you looked great on the Today Show. It was so fun to see you guys!! Megan gave me the details!!
    Keep up the good work!!

  8. I saw the news clip online on MSN news and came here to her blog!

  9. Fun story! and totally lame that all those people were just lurkers and didn't comment! Congratulations to you! What a cute couple you are, and what a great story to tell your kids!

  10. Love ya sis! Can't wait to have you home! Have fun!!

  11. Congratulations with your engagement! Your story has travel the whole America and just got here in Brasil!!! Funny story, i must admit! Hope your future is full of funny stories!!! And lots of love too!
    Best wishes from Ana, in Brasil!

  12. Hey Kaitlin and Reed,
    I figure Reed should get some credit here too since it was his idea to put it in the frosty!
    I love every minute of this. I can't wait to see you in your next debut (whatever it may be) I hope you guys are loving the fame and having a good time.

  13. Hi Kaitlin -

    I work with the Inn and Spa at Loretto in Santa Fe and you had us all entertained as we read some of the news coverage regarding your 'gulp' incident. As a wedding resort, we've been toying with the idea of hosting an 'unforgettable proposals' competition - and then we came across yours - which took the cake! We'd love to have you and Reed join us for a weekend to celebrate your engagement on our dime! After all a memorable proposal like that surely deserves a memorable weekend away to celebrate - without any xrays or doctors! Drop me an email at to coordinate your trip.



  14. Kaitlin and Reed,
    This is such a fun story. I have been one of those who have been reading your blog and telling other people to read it. Your story and this blog are so sweet and I know you'll have many eternities of happiness. Best wishes from Idaho!

  15. Hello from Iowa! Kaitlin & Reed, congrats! Your story is so cute & I think the friend that got everything on video should get an extra thank-you, as the looks on your faces were precious & absolutely needed to be captured! : )

    Take care & take advantage of all the offers that will be coming your way. And keep up w/ the blog - it's great to see how our Heavenly Father is blessing you!

    Stay safe!

  16. I've been following your story and I think it is absolutely the funniest thing ever. I've wondered why your mother didn't teach you better table manners? Still, if gulping a cup of ice cream gets you a trip to New York, then "wolf-on" girl!

  17. You guys are so cute!
    Best wishes from Rio de Janeiro,