Friday, March 27, 2009

New Mexico News

This morning we did some interviews for the good ol' Land of Enchantment.
First we headed to KRQE News Channel 13 in Albuquerque. It was a really quick interview and we were in and out in no time.

The only problem was we had to leave at 3 AM to be there in time. Yeah I'm SO not a morning person so that was a toughy for me. It's a good thing it was a short interview cause we were both half asleep and were a little loopy at the time.

Then we did another one just across the street with Good Day New Mexico Channel 4 at 10 AM. It went better since we were both a little more awake. It was about a 6 minute interview and is supposed to air mid April.

Everyone there was so nice to us and loved the story too. It was a fun day and we got to do a little shopping which I'm always up for! :)
Thanks again Lupe!


  1. So, did you buy me the jeans or not? And yes, you are so not a morning person. I about had a heart attack when dad told me what time you got up this morning. Way to go KK!

  2. I'm absolutely not a morning person, either. I just hate getting up, no matter what time it is. *laugh* But when it's something fun like an interview (or a flight to Juneau, AK, in my case), 3AM can be almost exciting. Glad you had fun! : )

  3. Well I'm glad that you are still running around. I can't wait to see you this weekend. I hope you had a good time.

  4. hey. so i'm pretty much still mad at you that u never found time to hang out with me while u were up here! ugh u need to stop being so busy all the time ok??

  5. Bummer about Wendy's, huh? What punks. Anyway, you guys are so cute. Who is Lupe? You still have to pick out some jewelry okay? ANYTHING you want. Ok? Alrighty then.