Friday, March 13, 2009

The Hamburger

Meet the hamburger... Our entertainment yesterday night.
Yes, we are easily entertained..

But it was way fun though. Even if i got so dizzy that I couldn't stay up, we plan on visiting again. :)


  1. Hi Kaitlin-I just made a post about your experience-so fun! As you saw, my sister passed it on. Congrats to you and Reed!

  2. Kaitlin,
    Thanks for stopping by my blog. I loved your story and hope you didn't mind me linking to your blog. I was born in New Mexico and it made me smile to see you guys on national news spots.

  3. That actually sounds fun. I'm glad you are back and having fun. I hope everything is going well. Were was this hamburger at?

  4. HAHA! that does look like fun! was it a McDonald's playground? idk why, I seem to remember a hamburger like that at a mickey d's playground when I was little... heh.

  5. haha you are definitely such a nerd lol... pretty sure that is why i love ya :) haha where the heck is this hamburger place at?? haha ttyl