Thursday, March 5, 2009


Hope you all got a chance to watch Ellen today! We loved every bit of it. Reed had never watched the show before, then after we we got off the show he said to me "She was so awesome and funny, I love her. I'm gonna watch her show all the time now!" So Reed is now Ellen's biggest fan. :)
We had such a cool experience with the whole thing and once we got on the show all nerves went away and had such a fun time with everything. It was weird to be there in person with Ellen after watching her on tv all this time. It just felt like a dream.

We had our own dressing room and everything with our name outside by the door, we felt special when we saw that. The show provided us with clothes to wear for the show since we flew straight from NY to LA and didn't have anything to wear. We tried on our clothes and both of our pants were too long so they measured them, then took them to be hemmed & steamed. Talk about awesome! Our room was filled with food and drinks for us, as well as cool gift bags with some Ellen stuff in it. After the show Chris (one of the guys that took care of us) told us to stock up on food and drinks so we filled our arms with as much stuff as we could carry. It was so funny walking out of the studio.

Before the show started we were talking how cool it was to be there and appear on the show. We said to each other that we didn't think we'd get a surprise or anything out of it but were just excited to be there. BUT we were soooo wrong!

That's right we got a 7 day honeymoon celebrity cruise!!

Oh my goodness we could not believe it! I wanted to call everyone I knew right away but Reed wouldn't let me so I just screamed right there in our dressing room.
Before the show we told ourselves that it'd be the last show we did cause we were just so burnt out from everything, but after we got that honeymoon we were SO ready to go home and get back to normal life. The Ellen show definitely made this experience way better than we ever thought it'd be.

Once we got home we watched it with our family and just laughed our heads off. Ellen was so funny! The live audience and the energy on the show was just amazing. We loved every bit of it and wouldn't trade any of it for the world!


  1. Yeah!!!! Have FUN! Dave and I went on a family cruise last year to Alaska. SOOOOO fun!!

  2. Wow congrats!! I bet that was fun. Ellen is great!!

  3. i thought you guys did great! i love ellen she is great. is she as pretty in person? i tried that craaaazy beauty chics glue tip...but i went a little overboard and did my whole face. it worked really well but definately dont put it around the eyebrows cuz it pulled out a small chunk of eyebrow...not so cute. anyway congrats on the honeymoon!

  4. Score with the cruise!! Way to go! You guys totally deserve it, with all that you have been through you are good sports! Kaitlin I love that this happened to you, all the great stuff you come up with, this tops them all!!
    Love ya…. Kendra

  5. I'm another stranger stalking your blog. Is there a place to watch your Ellen episode since I missed it?

    BTW, I started reading your "story" last night when I should've been cooking dinner. I ended up taking my kids to Wendys for dinner and even let them get a frosty. I think Wendys should give you something for giving them publicity.

  6. Ellen is such a sweetheart, there's no way she'd let you leave empty-handed! : ) Glad you had fun. Have to second the question about somewhere to watch the ep cuz I was at work (and my VCR thinks I mean "eject" when I press "record." Might be time for a new one...). Heh. I'll google it, too.

    Anywhoo! Happy travels home! : )

  7. i recently found your not even sure how lol but i wanted to say..whew what a story! Congrats to both of you :)

  8. Im glad you had so much fun!! Im sure you will enjoy that cruise! That is so awesome!

  9. Thanks for having us over to your parents the other night to watch Ellen. It was even funnier the second time with you guys watching it with us. I'm still working on getting Wendy's to do something for you. We'll see what happens! You are too cute. I love what a good sport you are about all of this (especially since some of the attention isn't so positive)!