Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Its Set!

The date is set! Saturday, May 30th in the Monticello, UT temple.

When we called the temple to set the date they knew exactly who we were and were waiting for our call. hah The temple worker was so excited to hear from us, it was so cute.


  1. I can't wait to be the sister of "The Bride"

    Now you can start farting in front of each other...ha ha ha oh wait you have!

  2. haha how fun that they already knew you! That is so exciting, congrats!

  3. Awesome and beautiful and did I mention AWESOME? : )

  4. Yeah! Wahooooooo!!! Congrats girlie! This is so great! Cherise said she saw Jay Leno and they were talking about you! I hadn't heard about that! You are so famous!

  5. Hey!

    My sister just told me your story made it on our local radio station back home.... in HAWAII!!! I'm sure you're story has made it in every state by now=0) Temple marriage.....good deal!