Thursday, March 19, 2009

Japanese TV Interview

This afternoon at Reed's house we had an interview with NTV a Japenese TV station. The filming crew flew from one of their offices in San Francisco to interview us.

The guy on the left is the director and only spoke Japanese so they had to translate everything for him. We laughed and had a good time with them all and look forward to seeing the show after it airs next month in Japan. It will be interesting seeing Reed and I with Japanese voice-overs hah. It will be on a show called "World's Most Amazing Videos".

It was cool having them coming to our hometown to interview us. They even gave us some buck-a-roos woo hoo!

Thanks Meiko for setting everything up!


  1. You'll have to tell me how I can watch it. I'm sure voice overs will be pretty funny to watch. Also who doesn't like free money. You guys are great.

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  3. I love getting these updates..
    congrats on the wedding date!

  4. wow and the story continues so fun you guys are celebrities what a great story to tell years from now!! You guys are so cute!